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Staria's NetSuite team

Staria has Finland’s most experienced NetSuite consultant team

The consultant team configures a NetSuite system for the customer, builds it into a solution fitting the customer’s needs, and trains the users of the system. After the launch, customer relations continue through continuous maintenance and consulting. There is a good reason why the customer chooses this Staria team to launch a NetSuite commissioning since the team includes the most NetSuite experience and NetSuite consultants in all of Finland. The team has also been awarded several Oracle NetSuite Partner Awards along the years. What is it then that separates this NetSuite team from similar teams in the business, and what is the secret to employee satisfaction in the team that keeps on growing?

International and passionate

The NetSuite consultant team lead by Susanna Ylimäki consists of over 50 people. The Team includes many different nationalities. In addition to Finland, Sweden and Norway, team members are also from Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, Czech Republic and the Philippines. This is why the team’s working language is English and the internationality can be felt in everything it does. Despite varying backgrounds, all team members have a brisk attitude and a passion for work in common. Teamwork is done with enthusiasm and they all talk to each other openly. Problems are solved together, and all different personalities are accepted as they are. The manager is part of the work community and is always providing the support necessary.

The attractivity of the team and its work is best proven by the fact that professionals have moved to the other side of the world to join it.

In addition to experienced experts, more and more interns are recruited to the team, since different skill backgrounds continuously create new ideas and bring different perspectives to the work. The strong support by experts helps also new recruits to grow into skilled NetSuite consultants.

Remote work under the sun

As the team members are spread around the world, it is great to get together and work with everyone present every now and then. An excellent option for this has been a remote work period in Alanya, Turkey on spring 2019, where almost the whole team had come together in the darkest moments of the winter. With the revitalizing sun, team members got the chance to chat with their colleagues besides work during common meals and relax in spas or on the beach after a day of work. During working hours, the team could decide to work sitting on a terrace, and projects could be discussed with everyone sharing their ideas. More energy was gain through sports and doing things together. After all of this, it was nice to return to the signs of spring in the home country fully reinvigorated. Remote work under the sun will return after the COVID-19 outbreak.

In addition to remote work periods, the team likes to reminisce successes of all sizes. It is important to celebrate successful projects and challenges solved together. Joint coffee and champagne moments has brought joy to the office nearly every week. The common enthusiasm is contagious and fun to follow with a smile.

As NetSuite is constantly gaining popularity, the team is even now searching for new fitting, genuinely interested members. Would you be a suitable professional for this international group? Send us an open application.


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