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Juha Oja

RPA Consultant Juha enjoys his work in the robotics team

Who: Juha Oja, RPA Consultant


  • productive
  • willing to learn
  • versatile

I’m Juha Oja, an RPA Consultant and a business-oriented multi-talent in the IT sector. I’ve worked on Staria’s robotics team since the summer of 2018. My work entails developing software robots, analyzing and defining customers’ processes for robotizing, and selling software robot projects. My current job nicely matches my expertise which is built on a strong software development background and IT consulting. I’ve also got experience in founding a technology startup that I am still involved in. It was great how Staria saw my existing business as a strength rather than a problem.

Breakfast, Friday lunch – and everything in between

My work week normally begins with a breakfast with coworkers provided by the employer at the Turku office, and afterwards, we continue working on our own robots. In the robotics team, all of us have daily meetings and open discussions where we solve work-related problems and come up with ideas for new solutions. An important part of an RPA consultant’s job is to help the customer to identify processes to be robotized and make the final configurations on the robots in collaboration with the customer. On top of coding robots, I’ve gained more responsibility in sales. Sales work comes naturally to me and adds a nice bit of variation to the week. When the week is about to wrap up, a lunch together with the robotics team helps create that Friday feeling.

Another important part of the work week is constantly learning new things. Your core competency keeps growing whilst developing robots, and we also take online courses and have internal training where possible.

Interest in problem solving helps succeed, even at difficult projects

In my work, it’s great to see the customer’s enthusiasm when the robot is about to be finished and its effects can be seen in the practice in their systems. I enjoy meeting new people and using new systems and solving customers’ challenges. I get to personally influence the progress of the project and the development of the robot from start to finish, so the success of the project strongly depends on my own contribution. I appreciate the versatility and flexibility of my work; I can work at Logomo in Turku, remotely, or in meetings with customers.

Working at Staria has dramatically improved my robotics expertise. My UiPath skills quite rapidly grew to the point where I was able to develop the first internal robots. The logical continuation was external projects, and now I dare claim I’m an RPA development professional. My past experience with the finer points of robotics was limited to the ancient game Ultima Online; I built a robot on top of it to play through the night on my behalf. That robot ended up working so well they banned my account!

In the future, I see great possibilities for expanding international business in the RaaS (Robot as a Service) sector, and if I think about my own career goals, in the long run, that same sector might have interesting job opportunities. Growing the business and developing new strategies with a skilled team is very close to my heart.

Relaxed atmosphere and rewarding teamwork

Although Staria is already a relatively large company, it still does not feel like that. The atmosphere at work is relaxed and everyone is very approachable. I’ve been able to influence my own job description, and through that, I get to do the kind of work I enjoy. At Staria, you really get to direct your own career path. I see my team as something of an internal startup where we solve problems effectively and constantly develop processes together. The team leader is good at dividing responsibilities, and everyone gets to affect the team’s operations. To balance things out when I’m not working, I like to play various sports, create music, do photography at events, and spend time with my family. Having the option to work remotely and being active in my free time help make busy weeks easier to handle.

Each robot implementation is a victory

Every implemented robot takes the customer’s business forward. Robotic functionality brings immediate financial savings, opens up new opportunities to grow your business, and can help new business models develop. With the decrease in routine work, the customer can use their own working time to increase growth, and for consultative work to support the growth. It’s great to be part of such important projects.

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