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The RPA team invents artificial intelligence solutions with true enthusiasm

Staria’s RPA team builds AI-supported robotic process automation implementations for external customers and Staria’s internal stakeholders. At the moment, the team includes eight consultants and team leaders, but as the use of RPA and AI is rapidly becoming more common, new professionals are constantly sought. All team members have sociability and a strong interest in technics and technology in common. Everyone genuinely wants to participate in building efficient software solutions and to help customer businesses advance with the technology they use. A strong, common faith in a different future in corporate software solution creates innovative solutions for customers and internal stakeholders.

Different backgrounds and previous work experience are a huge advantage in designing future RPA solutions.

Diversity is an advantage

The RPA team includes members with very different backgrounds. They have previously worked in the banking world, as teachers, as entrepreneurs, with machine automation and the electronics manufacturing industry, for example. One member has just finished their studies. Different backgrounds are a huge advantage in designing future RPA solutions. Previous work experience helps us understand the needs and the industry of the customer. In addition, different people get very different ideas regarding possible solutions, and the possibilities to realise these solutions are constantly growing.

The team communicates a lot with its customers, but also internally. As the members work in the same office, RPA solutions can be reflected together, and it’s easy to ask a colleague or the team leader for advice. Collaboration is very common, especially at the beginning of employment, but self-management and taking initiative are cornerstones of the work of an employee that fits the team. The continuous support by the team leader and the excellent team spirit makes it easy to include new interns. Help is always near, and there is always open conversation.

Maintaining a good team spirit improves work results

In addition to tight cooperation, team spirit is upheld with common lunches on Fridays and a weekly breakfast on the employer. A relaxed attitude toward work is clearly visible, and everyone knows their colleagues well through a lot of collaboration. Indeed, the best work results are created with a happy mind, so even the customers can see that the team is enthusiastic and takes joy in its work. Often customers also experience that cooperation is working well, because the team works on the same matters inside Staria as well, meaning that they solve the same challenges within their own company.


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