Project Description

Satu Perämäki

Satu enjoys accounting and the flexibility of remote work

Who: Satu Perämäki, Management Accounting Advisor

I came to Staria in the spring of 2014 after working for five years in a very different type of environment in the media industry. I was employed right after completing my studies at the university of applied sciences and gained experience in financial administration and sales support. However, it was time to move on and deepen my skills in accounting in a place where I could be a part of financial administration solutions for different businesses and work in specific areas of my expertise. Staria turned out to be the right place for that. Staria also met my criteria for opportunities for remote work. It was important for me to find a flexible job, because I like working from home sometimes.

When I joined Staria, my future team needed more workers at the Kotka office, but it was possible to do the work from Tampere. So I got the job in the Kotka team as a remote worker in Tampere. At the moment I mainly work from home and hold all my meetings at the Tampere office. My work tasks included independently managing the financial administration of assigned clients, including their financial statements and any particular business situations. In addition to accounting, my work week usually included solving different types of singular issues and close customer work. In addition to this I also wrote newsletters to our clients that covered current issues and guidelines in the field.

"At Staria, the role of an accountant is not traditional, rather the accountant helps their clients comprehensively in all matters related to finance."

Towards the end of year 2019, I moved to a new position from an Accountant to a Management Accounting Advisor. Currently I manage the parent company accounts of our listed company clients. The new position gave me the opportunity to challenge myself and my skills further. In addition to accounting duties, I am also responsible for external and internal communications related to financial management. Due to a versatile job description I find workdays interesting and varying.

Comprehensive expertise and corporate life cycles

My years as an accountant at Staria have given me a lot of knowledge in accounting and in defining laws in particular situations. It has been great to be involved in for instance a corporation’s whole life cycle and gain expertise on a practical level in addition to learning in trainings offered by my employer. I still do not claim to be a professional, rather a curious student, because I do not think you can ever learn everything in this field. I do however think that there have been significant developments in my expertise in my years at Staria.

"What I appreciate most in my work is that, in addition to traditional accounting, I can continuously work on interesting projects in for instance asset deals, corporate structuring and changes in shareholders."

Working from home is normal at Staria

I have formed my own functional working rhythm in these past six years and I have been allowed to follow it independently. In my team, many others also do a lot of remote work and mobile offices are a part of our everyday activities. The main thing in everything we do is that the work is done on time and it is done correctly. The location does not have a big effect on the work. Every team member does their best work when they can do it in the environment they find best. At the moment I am considering working somewhere sunnier for a month next winter to get away from the darkness.

Satisfied with customer service work

Staria continues to focus on quality customer service and this shows in my own work as well. As an accountant, I genuinely want to help my client in growing their business and in optimising their taxes. I find it very important to see things from the entrepreneur’s point of view and direct them to the best solution for their business in terms of financial administration. It is always good that a business’s financial indicators and figures are not only viewed by the entrepreneur but also by an external person. An entrepreneur should also always be able to ask for advice from a professional who knows their company and genuinely supports the business’s success.

"We at Staria wish that everyone would do what really interest them!"

The instant I felt that I was ready to move forward in my career to a more challenging position, all that was required was to pass my wishes forward to my supervisor. Together we found an interesting new job position for me inside the company. I do not know what the future will bring, but at the moment I am completely satisfied with my job description and position.


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