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Staria has been focusing on NetSuite business since 2013. We are the leading NetSuite partner in Europe and we've had the priviledge on working with multiple international growth companies.

By choosing a true cloud solution like NetSuite ERP, and combining this with agile business services, you will face less obstacles while building your future business. NetSuite is trusted by over 33,000 companies and it's used in over 200 countries and territories.

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Implementing NetSuite

True Cloud ERP means an easy implementation. Much of the implementation is based on best practices and is done together with the client without the need to involve technical programmers.
A modern growth company must be built on lean and agile principles. The same goes for how we implement NetSuite ERP. Staria has done 250+ NetSuite implementations. Our certified NetSuite consultants use their best practises know-how and experiences in combination with a process that involves you from day one.

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Webinar: Unify Your Business Management Applications With NetSuite

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Join us for a 45-minute webinar and discover how NetSuite is supporting SaaS company iBinder Group’s growth and operations in 8 countries! You will also get to attend a short interactive demo of NetSuite’s capabilities for handling international business and growth.

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NetSuite consultation

The consultant team configures a NetSuite system for the customer, builds it into a solution fitting the customer’s needs, and trains the users of the system. Our experienced team ensures that you get the best start to your NetSuite investment.

Staria is the leading NetSuite partner in Europe. Our 100+ certified NetSuite consultants have been working in over 300 NetSuite projects for a wide variety of companies from different industries.

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NetSuite support services

After the launch, customer relations continue through continuous maintenance and consulting. We want to ensure that you’ll have all of the needed tools and knowledge to have the best NetSuite user experience. As Staria’s NetSuite customer, you will have access to support services that are tailored to match your needs.

In the center of Staria's NetSuite support services is a nominated NetSuite professional who knows your company's NetSuite environment and understands your core business. Our support package gives you fast access to services from our consultants whenever necessary.

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"When working together with Staria’s NetSuite consulting team, you'll get the best service from true NetSuite specialists with knowledge on global set-ups. Everyone in the team is committed to find the best solutions for our customers!"

Laura Hlavaty-Lehtinen
Head of Professional Service Management & SMO lead

A reliable NetSuite partner

Staria has done the most NetSuite implementations in the Nordic countries. Read more about our customer stories, or watch videos of Marija Buivydaitė, Senior Director of Finance at Vinted, and Asbjørn Sundodden, CFO of Trimtex, who tell about their collaborations with Staria and about the benefits of NetSuite for an international company.

Additional solutions

Our mission is to help growth companies evolve into international level superstars. Keeping this in mind, we want to deliver the best possible solutions that support your growth journey.

Staria has specialized in SuiteApp development and published 9 NetSuite localizations SuiteApps. Staria's BI & Planning solution includes a ready-made integration with NetSuite and StariaFlow AP automation solution works also natively in NetSuite.

Get the most out of your NetSuite investment with our additional solutions

NetSuite Partner of the year


StariaFlow is an AP automation solution that works natively in NetSuite, eliminating the need for external software.

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Localization SuiteApps

Localization SuiteApps are designed to perform financial operations and payment processes according to local requirements.

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Staria BI & Planning

Staria BI & Planning is a cloud-based business intelligence and planning solution that makes it easier to guide business through data. The solution has a ready-made integration with NetSuite.

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Jimmy Lofstrom

Jimmy Löfström

International Growth Director
+46 73 376 5545

Jimmy Lofstrom

Jimmy Löfström
International Growth Director
+46 73 376 5545