Payroll Services

Payroll administration services – locally and globally

Payroll Services

Choose an efficient and reliable payroll partner that facilitates your processes both locally and internationally. Our payroll administration services include calculation and payment of wages, absence and holiday processing, legal procedure processing, reliable substitute arrangements, and a scalable payroll centre.

Leave your payroll tasks to our experts

Staria’s payroll services is an agile solution for your payroll administration. You will have our experts at your disposal to support you in developing your payroll management operations.

Scalable solution for your business

The payroll services that we provide are suitable for enterprises of all sizes and all fields. Get strong expertise in payroll administration while utilizing the latest information systems. You will be provided with a service that is optimized to meet your company’s specific needs.

Take care of your most important resource

Employees are the secret to a successful company, and the HR department’s job is to make sure that the employees and their competences meet your needs. However, growth companies often do not have their own HR team, instead they utilise someone who handles HR-issues alongside their other tasks. Even if you do not have an ongoing need for a HR specialist, you may face challenges for which you need the assistance of a HR-professional.

Our services include both permanent HR outsourcing and dynamic development projects, as well as a tailor-made and constantly developing payroll system.

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HR Services

Staria’s experienced HR specialists will assist your company in achieving its goals through effective Human Resource Management. We offer you a wide range of HR services, through one partner.

A dedicated HR team at your service

We provide you with flexible HR outsourcing solutions complete with a dedicated HR team that is at your service when you need them. Utilizing the leading technology, we offer a wide range of strategic and operational HR assistance, such as recruitment support, candidate selection and assessment, strategic planning, and internal reorganization.

We provide consulting, for example, in employment law, obligations of the employer and employee, personnel development, well-being at work, HRM, development projects, process optimization, personal and skills assessments and competence surveys
Our outsourcing service provides you with a dedicated team. The team is built individually to fit your business needs. Cooperation is always managed transparently.
Get a consultation service for all of your HR questions
Effective processes can reduce your costs and time spent on tasks. It can also improve job satisfaction. Staria’s HR team offers consulting and workshops to streamline your processes.
Recruiting top talent is a skill that requires expertise, networks and up-to-date information. Successful, professionally executed recruitment can save from EUR 100,000 to 500,000 per year. We have experience of recruiting hundreds of new employees for different tasks annually.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates routine, repetitive and manual work tasks. The robot can assist you e.g. with HR and payroll data using existing systems, reducing time and costs spent on HR processes. RPA works as a virtual assistant for your staff, freeing employees’ time for more complex tasks. Staria’s partner in the development of Robotic Process Automation is one of the world’s leading RPA experts, UiPath.

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Our services include both permanent HR outsourcing and dynamic development projects, as well as tailor-made and constantly developing payroll system.

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Sales Executive
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Anu Hemmila

Anu Hemmilä Sales Executive +358 50 501 5315