Staria Posting AI

Enrich your vendor bill data

Staria Posting AI has been developed as an extension of Staria’s existing Staria AI solution. Staria Posting AI has been integrated as a part of StariaFlow, a revolutionizing purchase-to-pay automation solution.

Staria Posting AI is able to learn automatically from every processed invoice and improves the quality of pre-posting predictions. It also gives a quality estimation of the predictions that are used in AP Flow to route the processed invoice further. Monitoring the AI performance is easy, since overall view of Staria Posting AI is visualized in NetSuite.

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Calculated benefits


Vendor bill pre-population rate freeing resources for more value-adding tasks.


Automation level, contributing to time saving.


Saving on 2500 monthly vendor bill volume by deploying StariaFlow with AI.

No more manual vendor bill postings

Seamlessly integrated cloud based AI

A machine learning solution is transparently integrated with Flow concept automating the vendor bill pre-postings. As a SaaS solution, it is a fully maintained service.

Enterprise grade

Developed and optimized with AP professionals in Staria’s own service centers and designed to handle large purchase invoice volumes while optimizing the quality of pre-posting predictions.

Fully automated

Vendor bills are automatically sent from FlowAP to Staria Posting AI and returned with dimension predictions to NetSuite.

Autonomous learning

The system is designed to learn automatically from every processed invoice and to improve quality of the pre-posting predictions quickly with accumulated volume.


An estimation on the quality of the prediction can be used to trigger the desired approval flow - manual or straight through. All servers and data reside in the EU region.

Transparent & visual

Transparent visualization on the prediction quality of the AI postings in NetSuite makes monitoring of the AI performance easy.

Support for several prediction dimensions

Posting AI predicts usually 3-6 most commonly used posting dimensions such as:

  • Account
  • Department
  • Class
  • Location
  • Tax code
  • Project Number

Customer specific dimensions can be flexibly added as a configuration or bespoke development

Staria teamwork

Choose the modules you need

Staria Posting AI is part of StariaFlow solution which consists of different modules. Depending on your needs, you can choose which modules will best compliment your organizations AP needs. Most profound results however, can be reach with the full StariaFlow solution, which includes Staria Capture, Staria Posting AI, INFlow and Staria Banking.


Revolutionizing AP solution

Staria Capture

Sömlös vendor bill reception.


Approve your invoices natively in NetSuite in a AP clerk view or streamlined end-user portal

Staria Banking

Automate your banking process with Staria Banking.

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Timo Kuokkanen

Sales Executive
Tel: +358 405 964 944

Timo Kuokkanen

Sales Executive
Tel: +358 405 964 944