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The help to make even better business decisions

With business requirements and the operating environment changing rapidly, Staria’s accounting services aim to help you make better decisions. Our accounting services allow you to receive full clarity in terms of your company’s financial situation, through consistent processes and comparable reporting from all subsidiaries, departments and units, whether in the Nordics, or all over the world.


What you get:

  • A professional team assigned to your company
  • Active communication and customer process modernizing
  • Scalable, from startups to multinational companies
  • Cost-efficient solutions to fit your business
  • One partner, and a unified platform
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International Accounting

Get a clear view of your entire company’s financial status, with one partner, one platform and one team.

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Startups & Small Businesses

Overcome the startup challenges with the right tools and a scaleable solutions that fit your needs.

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Franchise & Retail Chains

Enable success with unified reporting, optimized processes and an assigned team of professionals.

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Shared Service Centers

Get help with managing your financial and HR processes. Read about the benefits and what is included in the service.

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Outsourcing of financial administration

Guide: Outsourcing of financial administration – modernization and efficiency of financial processes

With concrete tips and examples of this guide you find the right way to outsource your financial administration. This guide also explains different ways how companies are developing their financial administration and how an outsourcing project is planned. The guide also answers to these following questions:

  • Why financial administration should be outsourced?
  • When it is the right time to outsource financial administration?
  • Which parts of financial administration should be outsourced and how?
  • How to pick the right partner?
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Anu Hemmila

Anu Hemmilä
Sales Executive
+358 50 501 5315

Anu Hemmila

Anu Hemmilä
Sales Executive
+358 50 501 5315