Reporting and financial planning

BI-solutions – Enhance reporting and financial planning

Information related to business decisions is often scattered across multiple systems and Excel sheets. This makes it difficult for companies to get an overall picture of the current state of their business. A company’s strategic and operational decisions cannot be based on guessing, so business intelligence is needed to help the company.

Business Intelligence is the solution to your data processing challenges. Business Intelligence aims to develop and optimize corporate decision-making processes. In the very heart of business intelligence lie the needs of management and their goals

Relevant data is collected from different systems into data warehouses for reporting purposes. The data contained there is combined, edited and processed to meet the company’s reporting needs. BI-solutions enable simultaneous viewing and data analysis from different sources through a single view.

Planning and forecasting

Financial reporting and its needs have gone through the winds of change. As traditional reporting focused on actuals from previous periods, while modern reporting relies more and more on up-to-date information and predictability. In today’s financial administration, the focus is on anticipating the future. Involving more people in budgeting and forecasting with cloud services and different user rights makes these processes more effortless. In addition, the importance of new tools is growing.


Benefits of BI-solutions

  • Easy to use
  • Significantly reduced error rates
  • Allows combination of company forecasts and sub-budgets
  • Less time-consuming budgeting and forecasting process
  • Designing best practices
  • Modeling and scalability
  • More people can be easily involved.

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We help you identify and select the best tools for managing with information. We can also perform management reporting on behalf of the company. Together, we create reporting and budgeting processes tailored to your company’s needs.

Maintenance of BI-solutions

With a maintenance service, you ensure that your BI-solutions run smoothly and that your processes work. BI-solutions contain critical business management information, so it is important that the solution is developed and maintained.

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