Staria BI & Planning

Business Intelligence and Planning in one solution

Data-driven business management

Staria BI & Planning is a cloud-based business intelligence and planning solution that makes it easier to guide business through data.

Bring data alive: Combine data from different sources and transform it into a visual easy-to-read reports. All important data is gathered into one place and it’s always automatically up to date. With the same platform you can also flexibly handle planning and budgeting.

Better business decisions: Staria BI & Planning helps all companies of different sizes and industries with data-driven business management. The solution can be used on any device or browser.

Easy to use: The solution is user friendly and basic use requires no training. It contains ready-made tools and features as well as a wide selection of dashboards, reports, and templates.

Realize more value from NetSuite: Integrate your NetSuite data seamlessly to your planning and reporting. NetSuite integration is standard.

Staria BI & Planning solution

Webinar recording: Harness your NetSuite and other data to create insights with Staria BI & Planning

Harness your NetSuite and other data to create insights with Staria BI & Planning

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For whom? Anyone interested in data-driven business management, especially persons working in financial roles might find this topic intriguing.


Multiple features in one package

Build customized reports and dashboards, create your budgets and forecasts. All in the same platform.

Combine data from different sources

Utilize data in decision making, planning, and budgeting. Due to automation information is always up-to-date.

Easy access, wherever and whenever

Cloud-based solution, which can be used on any device and on any browser. With mobile interface, data goes wherever you go.

Free your organization from manual work

Automatizes collecting information and the whole reporting process. Removes humane errors and saves time significantly.

Staria BI & Planning

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Features to boost your business

Staria BI & Planning can utilize different type of data for example financial, sales, HR, customer satisfaction, ERP or marketing. With integrations data can be collected from many different software or interfaces.

Business Intelligence:

  • NetSuite integration comes as standard
    The solution can be integrated to other systems as well

  • Rapid implementation time
    Financial data can already be used in 1-4 working days

  • Pre-built financial reports and dashboards out of the box
    P&L, balance sheet & cashflow statements

  • Can handle large sets of data with ease
    Manages tens of millions of rows

Staria BI & Planning
Staria BI and Planning


  • P&L, balance sheet and cash flow forecasts

  • Driver-based planning

  • Supports multiple versions of budgets, forecasts, and scenarios

  • Supports top-down and bottom-up planning

  • Supports rolling forecasts

Some of the ready-made integrations:

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Mikko Kurki

Mikko Kurki
Manager, Reporting and BI-services
+358 50 301 1184

Mikko Kurki

Mikko Kurki
Manager, Reporting and BI-services
Tel: +358 50 301 1184