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Staria BI & Planning is the perfect solution for mid-sized scaling businesses that require agile financial reporting and
collaborative business planning which delivers actionable insights within days, not weeks.

Staria BI & Planning is the perfect solution for mid-sized scaling businesses that require agile financial reporting and collaborative business planning which delivers actionable insights within days, not weeks.

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Why Staria? BI & Planning developed by entrepreneurs for scaling finance teams

We know (from our own experience) that business intelligence solutions are normally expensive, technically complex, lengthy to deploy, and complicated to evolve post go-live. As a rapidly scaling finance focused business ourselves, we also know that is the exact opposite of what your finance team needs. When we couldn’t find a solution to meet our requirements, we decided to build our own which ensured:

Straightforward and affordable pricing

Simple licensing, pay only for what you use.

No expensive plugins or integrations

Simply connect to any finance system via standard API.

Usable reports within days of sign-off

Simple to set-up and best-practice reports included.

Easy-to-build reports for finance teams

No-code interface, removing the need for technical input.

Easy to integrate with systems like Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Business Central, SAP, and Sage.

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A powerful, ready-to-use BI & planning tool to enable growth

Combining an attractive interface and intuitive report building functionality, Staria BI & Planning provides everything your finance team needs to adapt in a fast-paced and constantly evolving space.

  • Integrates with all major ERPs and financial software vendors.
  • Data warehouse to amalgamate multiple data sources.
  • Metadata updated automatically to ensure complete visibility of critical information.
  • Pre-built dashboards and reports included in standard implementation.
  • Drilldown to transaction, line, and ledger-level detail.
  • Options to refresh data automatically or manually to give you complete control over what you see and when you see it.
  • In-system comments and messaging to streamline discussions.
  • Exportable reports and scheduled sending, making it easy to share insights with colleagues, partners, and board members.

Features to boost your business

Staria BI & Planning can utilize different type of data for example financial, sales, HR, customer satisfaction, ERP or marketing. With integrations data can be collected from many different software or interfaces.

Live data and simple to build reports

Integrating directly to your finance solution via API ensures your team have no complicated or expensive middleware to navigate to obtain data.

Then, our intuitive no-code interface ensures that your finance team can quickly and easily build or amend reports with little technical know-how and no need to rely on business analysts, data architects, or technical support.

xP&A_in_practice_case_PHM Group

Involve your entire organization in financial planning and analysis process

Financial planning and analysis becomes more difficult in international environment or when dealing with several stakeholders. Our client PHM Group operates in 5 countries and their Group CFO Petri Pellonmaa shares in a webinar on June 8 at 13.00 (EEST) how the group has successfully involved the entire organization in financial planning and analyzing figures. Join the webinar to give yourself food for thought while preparing for next fall.

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Business Intelligence & Reporting for Accounting – We speak finance

The majority of other BI or planning solutions on the market focus on providing a one size fits all solution that caters to different parts of the organization in the same way. This approach shows a lack of focus on the end-user experience, especially for finance professionals.

Staria BI & Planning, on the other hand, is a solution developed to meet the needs of different business functions, ranging from HR, Sales, Finance and Data analysts, which all have different business intelligence requirements.

Combining off-the-shelf best practice finance dashboards with the ability to easily amend and build reports within the standard interface, our solution gives you the reports you need:

  • Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.

  • Sales, profit, and margin analysis.

  • Purchases, expenses, and vendor bill insights.

  • Analysis of payables and receivables to-date and future.

  • Cashflow statement.

  • Multi-company, multi-currency, and multi-jurisdiction consolidation reporting.

  • Prior date comparisons (day, week, month, quarter, year, and custom).

  • …and anything else you can create from fields within your finance system.

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Staria BI & Planning, Huubia

Financial planning, budgeting and forecasting – the way you need it

Staria’s BI and planning solution is powered by information and live data directly from NetSuite, which allows for the creation of detailed plans, budgets and forecasts. As a result, your organization can take actionable steps against potential future roadblocks. The plans, budgets and forecasts can be used alongside customized reports which allow you to add data, columns and filters, allowing your team to easily collaborate, report, and re-configure reports.

  • Budget vs actuals over multiple periods and years. 

  • Departmental analysis and budget-holder reports. 

  • Unlimited forecasts and re-forecasts.  

  • Customizable cashflow forecasting. 

  • Easy-to-create ‘what if’ scenarios. 

  • Interactive analysis and planning. 

  • …and whatever else you need to plan. 

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Staria BI & Planning, Huubia

Staria Supports Oiva Isännöinti’s growth strategy

Oiva Isännöinti

At Oiva Isännöinti, Staria's BI & Planning solution supports data-driven growth by improving the quality and efficiency of reporting, budgeting and forecasting. With reports that are reliable, high quality and easy to read, the solution is helping Oiva Isännöinti to focus on their growth strategy.

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