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CFO Office Services for every growth stage

Our mission is to support growth companies becoming international superstars. CFO Office Services provide practical support for the company management regarding planning and management practices at different phases of the growth journey with strong experience within the field of financial operations.

Staria’s financial professionals lead the way to the best global financial practices and technological solutions tested in practice. Our teams of hundreds of experts is at your service, ready to support you to identify and overcome the challenges ahead.

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Financial Design Sprint

​Are upcoming financial needs and the development roadmap clear?

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Financial Planning and Performance Management

 Do financial planning, management reporting and management accounting practices work smoothly?

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Global Financial Management

​Are global financial requirements and local compliance issues under control?

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NetSuite ERP

Have financial processes and resourcing of business operations been built on scalable technologies?

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Company Growth and transformation

Are the basic pillars of the company’s growth and transformation in order?

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Process Optimization and Automation

Have financial processes been optimized and automated in the most efficient ways?

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Staria BI & Planning tool for Management Reporting

With the Staria BI & Planning solution we can help you create reporting processes and dashboards that include the most important KPIs. With Staria BI & Planning the repetitive monthly reportings, e.g. the materials prepared for the management team or the board can be fully automated. Also non-financial data can be included in the reporting through over 60 standard integrations that we provide to keep your numbers up to date.

Castrén & Snellman

Data-based resourcing increases Castrén & Snellman’s client and employee satisfaction

At Castrén & Snellman, Staria's BI & Planning solution combines complex data into an easy-to-understand format and helps employees in everyday work, when e.g. reporting is smooth and project managers have visibility into the team's resourcing. The solution has helped to achieve better customer and employee satisfaction.

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  • Henna Plit, Staria, CFO

Henna Plit as a shareholder and CFO of Staria

February 8th, 2023|

Henna Plit has been appointed as the Chief Financial Officer of Staria. Henna is responsible for Staria's finance team, its operations and development.

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Anu Hemmila

Anu Hemmilä Sales Executive +358 50 501 5315