Financial Process Optimization Services

Automated and data-driven financial management

How do we operate?

Staria's Financial Process Optimization Services' goal is to guide your company towards automated and optimized financial management. This is achieved by utilizing the capabilities of latest field-tested technologies and the expertise of our financial and automation professionals.

Understand current challenges and future needs

Staria financial professionals help you find inefficiencies and potential optimization targets. We cooperate with you to design a robust financial short- and long-term optimization roadmap towards automated financial operations.

Staria's services:

Solution proposals and business case estimations

Our optimization experts create comprehensive process analyses and solution proposals for each optimization technology. We also provide support for ROI-calculations.

Staria's services:

  • Optimization solution proposals
  • Value analysis & ROI support

Execute projects and analyze the results

We provide all the management level support and the development resources needed during digital transformation towards optimized financial management.

Staria's services:

  • Management-level support
  • Continuous technical and developmental support

Which technologies do we offer?




Staria localization SuiteApps logo

Localization SuiteApps

Designed to perform specific financial operations and payment processes according to local requirements.

Staria BI & Planning logo

Staria BI & Planning

A cloud-based business intelligence and planning solution that makes it easier to guide business through data.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA is an effective way to free up your employee’s valuable time for effective and more challenging tasks. RPA provides easy quick wins to streamline business processes.

Staria INFlow SuiteApp

INFlow SuiteApp

INFlow SuiteApp is a built-in AP automation solution for NetSuite, powered by an AI engine.

Automated Digital Work Mapping

Say goodbye to slow process mining or manual process mapping exercises! Get real-time insights faster with AI-powered process intelligence software.

Integration Platform

With Frends iPaaS, you can develop, manage and secure all APIs integrations and process automation within a single powerful platform. Lean, low-code, and so intuitive that business IT can operate it.


Allows multinational companies to close their books faster than ever.

Statistics of Staria's technology team

Development projects




Automated systems


SuiteApp implementations


Customer experiences

"We chose Staria as our RPA partner based on their references and range of services. The partnership has been very successful. I especially appreciate the level of honesty on both sides. The benefits of RPA have become obvious to us."

- Lauri Pulkka, Development Manager, Newsec.

Watch the video to see how Newsec utilizes RPA.

How to get started?

Process Workshops

Duration: 1-3 days

  • Get process- and technology- specific optimization solution proposals and ROI calculations.
  • We will prepare technology-specific solution proposals and business case calculations.

Workfellow Process Mining

Duration: 1-3 months

  • An automated survey and process mining for digital work.​
  • Identifying potential for automation with the help of artificial intelligence.
  • Follow-up of the impact of development projects.​

Financial Design Sprint

Duration: 2-15 days

  • The Design Sprint prepares financial administration and management for the challenges of global growth.​
  • Identify inefficient financial administration routines and technologies.
  • Create a solution-oriented financial administration development plan.

Examples of automated systems: