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Financial Design Sprint - Supporting growth

Staria Financial Design Sprint prepares growth companies for the transition needs in financial processes during scalable international growth. We use Staria's benchmarked technological and financial best practices to help you realise future needs and build up a robust roadmap to support your growth journey!

  • Clarifying the company’s growth prospects and goals for the future from the perspective of financial administration.
  • Establishing the scope and goals of the Design Sprint project.
  • Forming a profound understanding and identifying challenges by topic areas.
  • Clarifying needs for development and presenting a financial administration road map.

The Financial Design Sprint is a modular research project with a tailored scope that meets your needs. Execution of the research project is managed by a team of Staria's experienced financial administration professionals with strong, practical experience in the development of growth companies’ financial administration. Depending on the number of items to study, the duration of the Sprint is 2–15 days.

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The Financial Design Sprint consists of the following areas:

Strategy and Growth Readiness

  • Financial Scalability Roadmap
  • Scalable Company Structure
  • Growth Funding
  • IPO Readiness

Daily Management and Operations

  • New Markets and Local Compliance
  • Scalable Global Financial Processes
  • Budgeting, Cash Flow and Forecasting
  • Financial Reporting Process
  • Master Data -optimization

Financial Technologies

  • Futureproof financial systems
  • Financial process optimization and automation

Financial Design Sprint phases:

Module 1

the scene

  • In the first phase, we want to understand your business in general, discuss future goals and current financial strategy, technologies and resources.
  • We use this understanding to identify your position on the growth journey and reflect the future challenges via our references./li>
  • The goal is to understand stakeholder expectations and set the design sprint scope to match your future needs.

Module 2


  • In the second phase, we explore your company's financial management challenges and future needs within the selected scope more deeply.
  • This is done by arranging workshop meetings with your key personnel (CFO, CEO, Controllers, etc.).

Module 3

Analysis and observations

  • Our financial professionals analyse the collected information and highlight the core development needs in different areas of financial management.

Module 4

Report and recommendations

  • We present our findings, and we can discuss how to take your financial management to the next level globally. As the end product, you will receive a well- structured financial management status report.

Strong expertise - Meet Staria's professionals

More than 300 of Staria's financial administration professionals are ready to help your company with financial administration changes at different stages of growth.

Tuomas Lehto

Tuomas Lehto
Senior Financial Consultant

Tuomas has been handling operative management duties at several companies. He has the skill to identify pain points in business operations, and his wide management experience enables him to find solutions.

Mikko Ryömä

Mikko Ryömä
Development Director

Mikko is a process-oriented professional who can combine his financial and software expertise with a customer-oriented approach. Mikko is responsible for ensuring high-quality services for our customers and shares his expertise by advising about financial process development.

Mikko Kurki

Mikko Kurki
Head of Product Management, BI & Planning

Mikko is a management reporting professional who , combines financial and technology expertise with a drive to make the lives of finance experts easier day by day. At Staria, Mikko is responsible for our Business Intelligence and Planning Solutions product and service offering.

Mira Hilanne

Mira Hilanne
Global Partner Manager

With several years' experience in the international financial services field, Mira looks after Staria’s partner network, covering more than 40 countries. With other Staria professionals, Mira ensures everything works smoothly for our customers within Staria's international financial services.

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Sales Executive
+358 50 501 5315

Anu Hemmila

Anu Hemmilä Sales Executive +358 50 501 5315