NetSuite for international companies

Managing your international business to ensure growth

To succeed in the company’s international growth is a demanding task. The challenge is to maintain the same level of focus towards your core business, whilst at the same time make sure your business model is tweaked to fit new local market specifics. It is crucial to have the foresight to invest in a business platform that is built for international business, when getting started or even before your company starts a first local subsidiary. You can then build a solution for financial administration that can be easily copied when starting up next business. NetSuite, an international cloud based solution, is prepared for a scenario that there is a central set up and local international subsidiaries.

NetSuite business platform will streamline multiple expense management systems, manage high-volume financial reporting processes and improve profit margins by addressing operational inefficiencies. With NetSuite you can scale and be competitive in the market.

NetSuite key features for international companies:

  • Indirect tax compliance
  • Financial & accounting regulations
  • Configurable tax engine
  • Comprehensive currency management
  • Audit and compliance reporting
  • Payment processing
  • Comprehensive language management
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NetSuite Advanced Financials
What Is NetSuite OneWorld?
NetSuite Advanced Financials
What Is NetSuite OneWorld?
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NetSuite is used in over 200 countries and territories

NetSuite supports 190+ currencies and exchange rates

Over 33,000 companies use NetSuite worldwide

Why is NetSuite the best solution for international companies?

NetSuite offers a foundation that enables flexibility, agility and visibility you need to support the growth of your business. With NetSuite you have access to important business metrics anytime and anywhere. The solutions are optimized for the latest mobile devices to support modern high-growth companies businesses.

NetSuite is the World's #1 Global Cloud ERP and it's used in over 200 countries and territories by over 33,000 companies. Could your company conquer the world with NetSuite?

Right business platform makes running international business a lot less challenging. But companies with multiple subsidiaries also have to deal with multiple local accounting offices. What if you only needed one accounting partner globally? Staria's Global Accounting Service is available in over 40 countries. By combining NetSuite with Global Accounting Services you'll get:

  • Clear view of your entire company’s financial status
  • One service partner and one assigned team
  • Unified reporting and processes throughout the company
  • Easy way to manage subsidiaries all over the world
  • Transparency and real-time visibility
Global accounting services

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Customer experiences

Staria has done the most NetSuite implementations in the Nordic countries. Read more about customer stories.

Wolt app in mobile phone

Wolt - Fast pace requires a reliable ERP system and a competent partner

Wolt was keen to find the best possible ERP system to solve the challenges for its financial management. They compared three different systems with the main criterion being usability. Furthermore, as a cutting-edge technology company, they naturally wanted to be using a modern cloud computing service. Next to NetSuite the other systems paled in. Read more about why Wolt chose NetSuite to support its growth.

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RELEX - Internationally growing company needs agile financial management

In order to streamline internationalization and growth, RELEX needed an agile and trusted financial management partner. Over the years, RELEX has transformed as a company due to its strong growth, which has posed its own challenges when the five subsidiary’s financial services migrated simultaneously to the new service provider. Read more about why RELEX chose NetSuite to support its growth.

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