NetSuite for manufacturing

NetSuite offers scalable foundation for modern manufacturing companies

The rapid growth of your company puts more pressure into selecting the right business platform. For growing companies in the manufacturing industry, buying the right enterprise and business software will help to scale the business to the next level. NetSuite’s cloud-based financials/ERP and omnichannel commerce software suite is the best choice for manufacturers wanting a complete business solution. Its comprehensive functionality, which includes CRM, HCM and ecommerce, provides manufacturers with the software needed to run a modern business.

NetSuite business platform will streamline processes, maximize on your heavy capital investments and improve profit margins by addressing operational inefficiencies. With NetSuite you can build on your company’s existing investments.

Key benefits for manufacturing industry:

  • Growth
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Increased capacity utilization
  • Increased profit margin
  • Improved controls
  • Increased speed to market
  • Faster time to value
Webinar: Unify Your Business Management Applications With NetSuite

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Join us for a 45-minute webinar and discover how NetSuite is supporting SaaS company iBinder Group’s growth and operations in 8 countries! You will also get to attend a short interactive demo of NetSuite’s capabilities for handling international business and growth.

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NetSuite Advanced Financials
NetSuite Supply Chain Control Tower: Intelligent Predicted Risk
NetSuite Demand and Supply Planning
NetSuite Assembly and Bill of Materials Records
NetSuite SuiteSuccess for Manufacturing: Operational Purchasing
NetSuite Work in Process (WIP) and Routing
NetSuite Advanced Financials
NetSuite Supply Chain Control Tower: Intelligent Predicted Risk
NetSuite Demand and Supply Planning
NetSuite Assembly and Bill of Materials Records
NetSuite SuiteSuccess for Manufacturing: Operational Purchasing
NetSuite Work in Process (WIP) and Routing
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Benefits highlighted in customer surveys

20% to 30% reduction in inventory costs

60% to 80% reduction in customer backorders

2% to 10% increase in revenue performance

Customer experiences

Staria has done the most NetSuite implementations in the Nordic countries. Read more about customer stories, or watch a video of Jørgen Tegdan, CFO of Disruptive Technologies, telling about the collaboration and the benefits of NetSuite for an international manufacturing company.

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Downloadable materials - NetSuite whitepapers

NetSuite: The manufacturer's guide - Six key strategies to grow your profits
NetSuite: The value of a true cloud ERP for manufacturing companies
NetSuite for Industrial Manufacturers

Complete Business Suite

Real-time actionable insights

Ready for ecommerce

Location irrelevance

Why is NetSuite the best solution for manufacturing companies?

NetSuite offers the power and scalability you need to support the growth of your business. Modern manufacturing companies require a foundation that enables flexibility, agility and visibility. With NetSuite's proven, secure, reliable and scalable SuiteCloud platform you can build your future growth.

By automating the entire product lifecycle management and quote-to-cash and plan-to-report processes, NetSuite helps manufacturers:

  • Eliminate the use of error-prone spreadsheets
  • Reduce time to market of new products
  • Improve order processing efficiency
  • Closely monitor and control costing
  • Deliver better quality products
  • Reduce IT support and resource costs
  • Speed up the financial close process
  • Improve support and services productivity
  • Gain controls critical for compliance activities
NetSuite Mobile Desktop