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NetSuite localizations – Reach out to a new market

Staria’s Localization SuiteApps are designed to perform specific financial operations and payment processes according to local requirements. SuiteApps include the target country’s local payment templates, reference number calculations, European VAT code selections, and invoice layouts. With Staria’s Localization SuiteApps, you get everything you need in order to implement NetSuite to a new market.

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Available localizations:

Payment: Danish payment templates
Invoicing: Danish invoicing process
VAT Codes: European VAT codes
Other: Danish Statutory Report Templates, Automatic P&L Account Classification
Languages to support: English, Danish
Built for NetSuite (BfN): Yes

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Payment: Finnish payment processes
Invoicing: Finnish invoicing processes
VAT Codes: European VAT codes
Languages to support: English, Finnish
Built for NetSuite (BfN): Yes

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Payment: Swedish payment templates
Invoicing: Swedish invoicing process
VAT Codes: European VAT codes
Other: Automatic P&L Account Classification, Transferring accounting data
Languages to support: English, Swedish, Finnish
Built for NetSuite (BfN): Yes

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Payment: Norwegian payment templates
Invoicing: Norwegian invoicing process
VAT Codes:
Other: Norwegian Statutory Report Templates
Languages to support: English, Norwegian
Built for NetSuite (BfN): Yes

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Including all Nordic Localization SuiteApps: Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark
Languages to support: English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish
Built for NetSuite (BfN): Yes

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Staria NetSuite Localization SuiteApps

NetSuite app certification

This certification is validated by NetSuite. BfN ensures that SDN Partners (SuiteCloud Developer Network) solutions meet NetSuite’s requirements both for security and overall quality.

Trusted NetSuite Partner

Staria is a member of the NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN), and the only Nordic NetSuite 5-Star Partner in 2018. Staria is also the Fastest Growing Partner in EMEA 2017 and it has received the “New Customer Revenue 2017” award.

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Key Benefits of Staria localizations

Everything in ONE: Receive everything essential for the implementing of NetSuite in a new country in one package.

Fast and Easy: Localize NetSuite for new markets efficiently. No more searching for key implementation components.

Best of Breed: Best practices and bulletproof concepts that work for NetSuite in local markets.


Local payment processes: This solution for Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) (Electronic Funds Transfer, EFT) payments will streamline local payment process.

Local invoicing processes: This also includes a solution for reference number calculations which will map the invoice and payment together and decrease manual work.

European VAT codes: Use the European-wide VAT code selection framework for your operations in sales and purchases.

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