NetSuite localization Lithuania

Staria's Lithuanian Localization SuiteApp is designed to aid in performing specific financial operations and processes as per local Lithuanian requirements.

SuiteApp includes VAT management (VAT codes, reporting, XML extract), iSAF file generation, integration with ECB for exchange rates, statutory reporting templates (financial statements and FR0564), payment templates, invoice templates.

Video about key features

Would you like to learn the basics of Staria’s Baltic localizations? Watch a video describing the SuiteApp solutions and benefits. With Staria’s SuiteApp localizations, NetSuite users can ensure that financial management is localized efficiently and reliably, and with reasonable costs.

Key features in Lithuanian localization

VAT Management

VAT codes, VAT report (FR0600), VAT report extract in XML

Lithuanian iSAF

i.SAF data extract on VAT invoices issued and received

Foreign Exchange Rates

Integration with ECB to fetch daily euro exchange rates

Lithuanian payment templates

SEPA, Cross-boarder IBAN and BBAN payment templates. Payment file templates for additional banks can be added as billable work.

Lithuanian Statutory Report Templates

Customized P&L and Balance Sheet report templates as per local requirements, FR0564 report extract

Lithuanian Invoice Layout

NetSuite App Verification

This verification is validated by NetSuite. BfN ensures that SDN Partners (SuiteCloud Developer Network) solutions meet NetSuite’s requirements both for security and overall quality.

Built for NetSuite Native SuiteApp

Trusted NetSuite Partner

Staria is a member of the NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN), and the most rewarded NetSuite partner in the Nordics.


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Dennis Laakso

Dennis Laakso

Sales & Partnership Executive
Tel: +358 44 320 0366

Dennis Laakso

Dennis Laakso
Sales & Partnership Executive
Tel: +358 44 320 0366