Staria INFlow

Inbound Invoicing Solution for NetSuite

INFlow portal designed for pending approval transactions

Staria INFlow is an inbound invoice processing solution that automates vendor bill posting and provides an easily configurable approval flow process for purchase transactions in NetSuite. Our INFlow Portal designed for handling pending approval transactions does not require a NetSuite license.

Staria INFlow

Key features:

  • Automated bill posting including new vendor record creation
  • Easily configurable Approval Matrix
  • INFlow Portal for low-cost users to handle bill postings/approvals
  • Bill to PO or Item Receipt matching mechanism
  • Automated AP accrual posting

Key benefits:

  • INFlow portal for low cost users
    • No need for NetSuite user license
    • Ability to view/approve/reject
    • Transaction history
  • Approval Matrix enhancements:
    • Line level approvals
    • More approval dimensions (custom transaction type/project)
  • AP Accruals (Fast Close)
    • Auto-post unapproved bills to GL during period closure
  • Support for FIK (Denmark)

INFlow conquers competitive systems’ challenges

3rd party systems in use for vendor bill posting/approval

  • Data capture at header level only
  • No link between bill and PO in NetSuite
  • Cumbersome maintenance

NetSuite’s own e-invoicing bundle limitations

  • No support for credits
  • No link with e-invoicing operators

No easily configurable/robust approval engine

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Dennis Laakso

Dennis Laakso

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