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Managing your business to ensure growth

Secure your growth with scalable solutions

To be a successful growth company requires being able to balance the same level of focus towards your core business, whilst at the same time making sure your business can meet the demands that come with growth. It is crucial to have the foresight to invest in solutions that are built to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently as you grow, and that can scale with your growth.

If you are looking to raise funding or want to start preparations for making an IPO, it is also crucial that you have your financial management, means of financial reporting, corporate governance, and communications in order.

At Staria, we are helping growth companies evolve into international level superstars. With this goal in mind, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that support our customers and help them take the next steps on their growth journeys.

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For scale-up companies, we recommend the following solutions:

How can you receive full clarity of your company's financial situation?

Accounting and payroll services

Staria's Accounting Services are designed for growth companies operating both locally and internationally and are available in over 40 countries. With them you can manage all your departments, units and subsidiaries all over the world with a full view of your company’s financial status on a single platform, fully transparent and in real-time. Your assigned team handles all your daily financials in all countries. By using real time eliminations the team creates the capability for consolidated real-time and unified reporting throughout your company. Our global payroll services facilitate your payroll processes locally and internationally, and scale along with your company’s growing needs.


Are you looking to replace several separate systems with one unified business platform?

NetSuite business platform

Oracle NetSuite is an ideal business platform for growing companies. It is built to scale and is an ideal choice for companies that are growing not only on their local markets, but that are expanding to other countries. NetSuite will streamline multiple expense management systems, manage high-volume financial reporting processes, and improve profit margins by addressing operational inefficiencies. By combining accounting services with our best practices implementation approach you will easily be guided to new business platform without full-scale ERP-implementation project.


Do you want to combine and utilize your data for better decision-making?

BI & Planning

Our BI & Planning solution is a cloud-based Business Intelligence and planning solution that offers both reporting and planning whether its forecasting, budgeting or both in a single package. With Staria BI & Planning, data from different sources in the organization are combined and transformed into visual dashboards and easy-to-read reports. With this information, decision makers can make efficient data-driven decisions that benefit the company.


Are you looking for professional expertise within financial management?

CFO Office Services

Staria's CFO Office Services provide practical support for company management regarding planning and management practices at different phases of the growth journey with strong experience within the field of financial operations. Enlist the expertise of our financial professionals to optimize your financial practices and technological solutions to be able to identify and overcome the growth challenges ahead.


Grow with Staria as a partner

At Staria, our goal is to drive growth while bringing clarity to our growing customers. Our services are trusted by many successful growth companies in Europe and we have been involved in the births of many unicorn companies.

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Jimmy Lofstrom

Jimmy Löfström

International Growth Director
+46 73 376 5545

Jimmy Lofstrom

Jimmy Löfström
International Growth Director
+46 73 376 5545