Staria AI – Enhanced purchase invoice processing

Improved Purchase Invoice Processing Through AI Automation

Staria AI – Purchase Invoices is an AI solution developed to enhance purchase invoice processes and to free up employee’s valuable time for more productive tasks. The AI solution can find and learn repeating patterns and dependencies from the purchase invoice history, which it can then use to create rules for posting future purchase invoices. Staria AI is constantly evolving, which improves the accuracy and quality of its decisions.

Staria AI is a software independent solution and utilization of it does not require learning new software.

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Staria AI Automates the Processing of Purchase Invoices

Enhanced Purchase Invoice Processing

Staria AI is an easy-to-use solution that frees up time from handling the purchase invoices. Staria’s AI is compatible with any system that processes purchase invoices.

Continuously developing posting solution

The AI calculates the posting account and the cost centre and period for each row. The AI learns from purchase invoice history and is constantly developing, improving the rate of success. Staria’s AI experts are responsible for further programming and optimising the AI.

Improved work efficiency

Staria’s AI allows accountants to save precious time and to focus on more productive and demanding tasks.

Staria AI Purchase Invoices statistics

Optimized implementations


Processed purchase invoices per month

25 000+

Automation level


Companies benefiting from AI



  • Software independent
  • Saves up time for more important work
  • Improved personnel satisfaction
  • Cost savings for the company
  • Continuously developing solution
  • Easy-to-use technology

Staria AI implementation


The purchase invoice history is collected from the existing systems in cooperation with the client.


The collected data creates a foundation for training the AI to make intelligent decisions while processing the invoices.

AI implementation

New incoming online invoices are directed to the purchase invoice AI for processing. The quality and accuracy of AI’s decisions are closely monitored.


The decisions made by the purchase invoice AI are monitored and any repeating errors are corrected. Repeating this phase will continuously increase the success rate of AI decisions.


After the quality has been ensured, the purchase invoices posted by the purchase invoice AI can processed forward as ready.

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Matias Tiala

Matias Tiala
Director RPA & AI
+358 40 749 6176

Juha Oja

Juha Oja
RPA & AI Business Development Executive
+358 44 760 9419

Matias Tiala

Matias Tiala
Director RPA & AI
+358 40 749 6176

Juha Oja

Juha Oja
RPA & AI Business Development Executive
+358 44 760 9419