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Staria has been focusing on NetSuite business since 2013 and specialized in SuiteApp development. Staria has published 9 NetSuite localizations and INFlow SuiteApp. The crown jewel in SuiteApp development is INFlow, built-in AP automation solution for NetSuite.

Below you will find more information on INFlow SuiteApp, localization SuiteApps and other support systems like Staria Banking.


INFlow SuiteApp

Automated vendor bill process
in NetSuite

Localization SuiteApps

Everything essential for the implementing of NetSuite
in a new country

Staria Banking

Automated payment transactions
in NetSuite

INFlow SuiteApp – Automate vendor bill process in NetSuite

By using INFlow SuiteApp, you know that accounts and cost centers are always correct, and you gain instant GL impact. INFlow is a built-in solution for NetSuite, and the approvers do not need a NetSuite license.

Key benefits:

  • Fast and flexible approval process
  • All formats easily into NetSuite
  • Real-time data and instant GL impact
  • Awesome accuracy and audit trail
  • Fast and significant ROI

Get a basic understanding of INFlow SuiteApp and the capabilities


Staria’s NetSuite localizations SuiteApps

Localization SuiteApps are designed to perform specific financial operations and payment processes according to local requirements. SuiteApps include the target country’s local payment templates, reference number calculations, European VAT code selections, invoice/credit memo layouts and other country specific features. With Staria’s Localization SuiteApps, you get everything you need in order to implement NetSuite to a new market.

Staria´s localization SuiteApps are available for Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We are already developing localizations to new countries.

Please note that the Nordic localizations (Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark) are managed bundles by NetSuite. For more information please contact your NetSuite Account Manager.

NetSuite Localization SuiteApp is now available for Hungary

Hungary localization SuiteApp

NetSuite localization Poland

Poland localization SuiteApp

NetSuite localization Estonia

Estonia localization SuiteApp

NetSuite localization Latvia

Latvia localization SuiteApp

NetSuite localization Lithuania

Lithuania localization SuiteApp


Other supporting systems

Staria Banking – Automated banking & payments

Staria Banking is designed for security, simplicity and speedy deployment. We believe in innovating hassle-free, fully automated solutions that liberate your team from cumbersome payments processing. We offer the latest and lightest in multi-banking software.

Key benefits:

  • Real-time straight-through payment processing
  • Account reporting and multiple payment material conversions.
  • Various in-house material types can be swiftly turned into SEPA or other required formats.
  • You receive regular maintenance and ongoing support.
  • Hosting infrastructure and critical processes are regularly monitored, ensuring that potential issues are addressed before they escalate into disruption and downtime.
  • Our technical team is available to provide software training and advice on procedures as required.
Staria Banking: International banks

We also provide other support systems such as Mepco, Visma M2 and Acubiz.
Please contact our sales for further information.

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Dennis Laakso

Dennis Laakso

Growth Ambassador
Tel: +358 44 320 0366

Dennis Laakso

Dennis Laakso
Growth Ambassador
Tel: +358 44 320 0366