RPA buyer’s guide

What to consider when buying a modern RPA solution

What questions should you be asking?

Once you have decided which RPA is the right solution for your needs, there are some further things to consider. Below, we list the most important questions that you should be asking yourself when investing in an RPA solution.

Staria is a Nordic partner of the RPA software provider, UiPath. This means that we offer UiPath licences, and the RPA development environment that we use to train robots in is UiPath Studio.

The schedule and pricing is determined by the processes that you choose to automate. There are differences within the process complexity and this needs to be considered when estimating the time needed to train the robot.

Our RPA team follows a structured process regarding the implementation of an RPA solution. You can read more about implementation here.

A process is chosen for automation by evaluating the business case of the process automation. We recommend choosing a process that normally requires considerable manual work to be performed by employees and is very repetitive in nature. Also, processes that are prone to error represent optimal targets for automation.
We document the implementation process by using a specific template. This includes the process description as done by a human and after the automation, exception handling definitions, systems used through the process, persons included to the automation definition, as well as developing the process by recording a video.

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