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What is Workfellow?

In this new era of digitalization, the goal for most companies is to modernise their business processes and become more efficient. When lacking visibility on how processes are carried out inside the organization, certain inefficiencies can go unnoticed and take up time that could have been spent on other tasks.

Workfellow is a platform that analyses knowledge work in organizations, including systems, processes, tools, and work practices, in order to find inefficiencies. Workfellow operates in real-time and gives insights on where and how improvements can be made with automation and digitalization in order to boost efficiency and business performance.

When we combine the insights provided by Workfellow with Staria's professional consultation services, we can help your company take the process development and optimization to a whole new level!

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What are the benefits of Workfellow?

Map organizations' digital work

See how work is done in your business operations and systems in real-time.

Find development targets

Understand what can be optimized, digitized, or automated.

Make decisions based on real data

Focus the development efforts to areas where they are most effective.

Monitor the effects and results

See the impacts of your development projects in real-time.


How to get started?

Workfellow is easy to get started with and scale throughout your company. You can get the first results and insights within only two weeks of use.


Install the plug in on the relevant computers. It will connect to the Workfellow platform automatically.

Automatic data

Workfellow anonymously and continuously analyses work activities and business processes in real-time.

AI insights &
process analysis

Open the Workfellow app to get insights and recommendations. Staria consultants will help you with the analysis.


Optimize your business and use Workfellow to continuously follow the changes and effects in real-time.

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Ludwig Ekström, Business Development Manager at Staria

Ludwig Ekström

Business Development Manager
Tel: +46 70 062 6259

Ludwig Ekström, Business Development Manager at Staria

Ludwig Ekström
Business Development Manager
Tel: +46 70 062 6259