ERP 2021 – ERP Konferansen

2021-10-06T11:35:09+03:00oktober 6th, 2021|

Staria vil delta på ERP 2021 - ERP Konferansen i Norge som en av hovedpartnerne. Arrangementet arrangeres live i Oslo 3. november 2021.

ERP 2020 – ERP Konferansen

2023-01-26T17:03:26+02:00september 10th, 2020|

Staria vil delta på arrangementet som en av hovedpartnerne. ERP 2020 blir i år et digitalt arrangement, bestående av flere live-webinarer og opptak, i perioden 9. september til 30. oktober

Choosing the right ERP supplier

2022-12-01T14:25:36+02:00august 16th, 2020|

When implementing a new ERP-system in your company, it is important to choose not only the right system but also the right supplier. But what are the things that should be taken into consideration?

NetSuite international localizations

2023-01-26T13:02:14+02:00august 16th, 2020|

This article describes how NetSuite manages international localizations. Staria has developed NetSuite localization SuiteApps for such countries where NetSuite does not yet provide a ready solution.

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