INFlow SuiteApp

Native AP Automation solution for NetSuite

Automate invoice approval flow process in NetSuite

INFlow is a built-in AP automation solution for NetSuite. It enables users to be more productive by eliminating unnecessary manual work. By using the solution, you know that postings are always correct, and you gain instant GL impact. INFlow is a built-in solution for NetSuite, and the approvers do not need a NetSuite license. INFlow is part of StariaFlow solution.

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Key features:

  • Receipt of vendor bills directly to NetSuite as e-invoices or scanned documents.
  • Search options and possibility to drill-down on document level
  • Bill to PO or IR matching
  • Support for vendor credit
  • INFlow portal for approvers at low cost
    • Approvers do not need a NetSuite license
    • Ability to view/approve/reject a bill/PO.
  • Flexible Approval matrix
  • AP Accruals (Fast close functionality)
    • Auto-post unapproved bills to GL during period closure

INFlow has Built for NetSuite SuiteApp verification

INFlow has Built for NetSuite (BfN) verification. This BfN ensures that SDN Partners (SuiteCloud Developer Network) solutions meet NetSuite’s requirements both for security and overall quality.

Built for NetSuite Hybrid SuiteApp

INFlow releases & User guide

We have built a separate page which includes all important information about INFlow SuiteApp. The page consists of:

  • Releases
  • User guide
  • Installation and setup
  • Troubleshooting articles
  • How-to articles
  • Appendix
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StariaFlow screen

Native AP Automation solution for NetSuite


  • AP professionals and approvers can work conveniently in one software. ​
  • Approval and worksflows can be configured to company preference.​
  • Efficient and frictionless multi-tier approvals enforcing company policy.
  • ​AP professionals are able to filter invoices with multiple parameters, review invoice details as well as split the invoice.
  • Pop-up or split screen view to visualize the original pdf invoice.
  • Approval history natively in NetSuite.

Bill to PO & IR matching

  • 2/3-way PO matching allow a touchless and automated AP process.
  • Bill validation against predefined criteria.
  • PO matching adjustments can be handled in INFlow.
  • Customized rules to align with company policy.

Real-time data

  • Continuous technical and development support
  • As a native NetSuite application all transactions and changes are immediately recorded.
  • Enables gaining an instant GL impact visibility.
  • Support for Fast Close functionality allowing unapproved bills to be auto-posted to GL during period closure.

Choose the modules you need

INFlow is part of StariaFlow solution which consists of different modules. Depending on your needs, you can choose which modules will best compliment your organizations AP needs. Most profound results however, can be reach with the full StariaFlow solution, which includes Staria Capture, Staria Posting AI, INFlow and Staria Banking.


Revolutionizing AP solution

Staria Capture

Seamless vendor bill reception.

Staria Posting AI

Enrich your vendor bill data with Staria AI.

Staria Banking

Automate your banking process with Staria Banking.

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Timo Kuokkanen

Sales Executive
Tel: +358 405 964 944

Timo Kuokkanen

Sales Executive
Tel: +358 405 964 944