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Comprehensive solutions that meet requirements and increase business efficiency

Increase efficiency while staying compliant

Publicly listed companies are subject to strict compliance requirements, rigorous reporting and public scrutiny, which makes it crucial to stay on top of operations and keep them efficient and transparent. Investing in the right solutions means that requirements will be met and fulfilled, but also that business efficiency will be increased, which benefits future growth and development.

At Staria, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of state-of-the art solutions and committed, experienced professionals willing to go the extra mile to guide businesses through every stage of the growth journey.

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For listed companies, we recommend the following solutions:

How can you be compliant in all the countries you are operating in?

Accounting & Payroll services

Staria's Financial and Payroll services are available in over 40 countries. With these you can manage all your departments, units and subsidiaries all over the world with a full view of your company’s financial status on a single platform, fully transparent and in real-time. Your assigned team handles all your daily financials and consolidated reporting, and provides you with unified reporting throughout your company. Our payroll services facilitate your payroll processes locally and internationally, and scale along with your company’s growing needs. We take responsibility of the full process with predefined SLAs and KPIs for each process step.


Are you struggling with consolidated financial statements and IFRS reporting?

Group Finance Services

Our Group Finance Services are suitable for publicly listed companies that want to stay on top of their consolidated financial statements and IFRS reporting. Our team of 20+ professionals have extensive knowledge and experience within group reporting, group accounting and IFRS reporting for publicly listed companies. The services are customized to and scale with your needs, whether it be domestically or internationally.


Do you need to get a solid financial foundation in order?

Business platform

Oracle NetSuite is an ideal choice for publicly listed companies, and 63% of technology IPOs have been running on NetSuite since 2011. NetSuite's key features for publicly listed companies include consolidation processes, internal control environment, global subsidiary reporting and audit trail monitoring. You will be provided through Staria’s holistic approach the full-set of best in breed processes and validated supplementary systems.


Do you want to guide your business through data more efficiently?

BI & Planning

Our BI & Planning solution is a cloud-based Business Intelligence and planning solution that offers both reporting and planning whether its forecasting, budgeting or both in a single package. With Staria BI & Planning, data from different sources in the organization are combined and transformed into visual dashboards and easy-to-read reports. With this information, decision makers can make efficient data-driven decisions that benefit the company.


Are you looking for professional skills within financial management?

Interim CFO / Finance Manager / Controller

With the Staria Interim CFO service, a company can transfer the management of financial administration completely or in part to Staria’s experienced CFOs. In the service, a responsible CFO builds a service model that fits the company’s needs, industry and size. The Staria CFO service connects top-class, layered professional skills and strong, senior-level experience.


See what our customers think of Staria's services

Eezy and Haypp Group are two publicly listed companies who decided to use Staria's services. Find out more in their customer success stories.

Eezy: Hannu Nyman, Sari Lehto

Eezy - Consistent and reliable financial data

Eezy is a large Finnish staffing services group with almost 100 companies and about 20 franchisees. As a publicly listed company, Eezy is bound by certain requirements and needs their financial reporting to work smoothly. Staria is responsible for accounting and purchase invoice processing for Eezy’s 80 subsidiaries, and provides the necessary systems for Eezy’s in-house accounting team. Read more about the collaboration here.

Haypp Group

Haypp Group - Support for future growth ambitions

Haypp Group is an e-commerce player with 10 e-commerce brands and presence in 7 countries. As a newly listed company with growth ambitions, Haypp Group wanted to consolidate financial data from all subsidiaries in a single system to facilitate further growth. They chose NetSuite ERP, to be used for procurement, inventory, order handling and financial reporting. Read more about the collaboration here.

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Jimmy Lofstrom

Jimmy Löfström

International Growth Director
+46 73 376 5545

Jimmy Lofstrom

Jimmy Löfström
International Growth Director
+46 73 376 5545