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UiPath RPA
Robotic Process Automation

Increase efficiency by automating your processes

A virtual assistant for your team

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates routine, repetitive and manual work tasks which occur e.g. in financial, personnel, salary and information management functions. It can be integrated into any existing system.

Contrary to some beliefs, RPA does not replace the need for humans. Rather, the robot acts as a virtual assistant. It works with repetitive, data-related routine tasks, freeing employees’ time for more complex tasks, customer interaction and the development of employees’ expertise. Net result; it reduces time and costs spent on the processes.

Staria is the Nordic Partner of the RPA software vendor, UiPath, and the robots are only trained by UiPath’s certified professionals.

With RPA you get:

  • An efficient way of standardizing processes
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased employee motivation
  • Higher transparency of processes
  • Faster reporting
  • Higher quality
  • Possibilities to develop personnel competences

Benefits with RPA

Quick Return on Investment (ROI)

On average, companies achieve a positive ROI in less than a year.


Data security and GDPR compliance increases. Since the data is being processed by a robot, human interaction and possible misuse is eliminated. The robot will not make human errors, such as skipping steps or forgetting something.


Data is the most important resource of most companies, and with RPA gathering data, it is easy and agile. This leads to better insight for management, as well as improved compliance.

Increased work relevance

RPA takes care of the routine tasks, which leaves employees with more time to focus on developing their expertise. This leads to an increase in productivity and innovation.

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Get the skills to automate your processes with StaRPA Academy

StaRPA Academy is a platform for everyone who wants to learn how to work with software robots. You will get the skills needed to allow you to automate your processes and gain the knowledge required for you to be able operate software robots. The different online modules will introduce you to Robotic Process Automation. During the courses, you will learn the basics of RPA and eventually become an RPA developer.

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